FindSeniorsOnly Review

FindSeniorsOnly Overview:

You wake up calmly on this beautiful, bright morning and you’re ready to start the day until you remember that you’re over 50 and still single. No one should have to be so alone in the world. That’s why FindSeniorsOnly is the best way to bring senior singles in their 40s, 50s, and 60s together so they can enjoy real friendships and committed love.

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Considered the second largest dating site online, FindSeniorsOnly offers mature, responsible adults a dedicated place to flirt and find love. With many ways to chat, mobile access, and live in-person meet-ups, you’ll enjoy everything that FindSeniorsOnly has to offer you.

FindSeniorsOnly Features:

The moment you log into FindSeniorsOnly, you’ll be pleasantly greeted by a large dashboard with all your communications, favorites, and connection options. A popular feature of FindSeniorsOnly is Match Me. The Match Me feature, powered by Match’s Synapse Technology, provides you with suitable matches that fit you best.

Match up with different senior men or women using the different matching options. A Mutual Match is completed by matching up the information in your profile with the information that a potential match is seeking. Sometimes the matches are perfect, but sometimes they’re a bit off. To fix this, update your profile information regularly and be certain to have the right details you want to find in a partner.

Reverse Match works the same way, except that the information in your profile is based against the other member’s profile information and not what they’re seeking. This can work best in your favor since people who have the same hobbies or interest tend to mesh well with each other.

Other popular features include:

  • On-site instant chat feature with blocking and favorite options

  • Mobile app and website to flirt and chat anywhere you go

  • Phonebook allows you to talk and text without ever revealing your phone number

FindSeniorsOnly Sign Up:

It takes less than two minutes to join FindSeniorsOnly. Enter your gender, location, and age on the sign up page. Once you’ve finished, you’ll be automatically redirected to the listing of local singles in your area. But, you won’t be visible on the search results until you’ve uploaded a photo of yourself and have entered some relevant profile information.

To get even more attention from other senior singles, it’s a good idea to purchase a membership. A paid membership will give you a better chance of being visible to all members. And, you’ll get invited to popular in-person meetings and live events.

FindSeniorsOnly Safety:

You won’t find any misuse of your information with FindSeniorsOnly. The site ensures that your information remains private, and your financial information is never recorded by the site. In addition, FindSeniorsOnly cautions members against sharing private information such as your phone number, home address, and financial data with other members.

FindSeniorsOnly Prices:

The regular monthly price is affordable for all seniors who want to join the site. But, you’ll save more than half the monthly cost on FindSeniorsOnly with the 12-Month membership.

1-Month Membership$35.99$35.99-
3-Month Membership$59.97$19.9944% ($16.00)
6-Month Membership$101.94$16.9953% ($19.00)
12-Month Membership$191.88$15.9956% ($20.00)

FindSeniorsOnly Ease of Use:

The site’s layout is large enough to view all thumbnail photos and text easily without having to zoom in using your browser’s zoom feature. Plus, paying members will never see ads on their dashboard or while they’re browsing the many profiles.

You won’t have any trouble maneuvering FindSeniorsOnly. The dashboard layout is designed to provide you with all the links you need to get around the site. To the left are your links to your favorites, winks, phonebook, and messages. On the right is the on-site chat feature, which you can close by clicking the link above. Latest matches will be in the center of the dashboard, and your basic search is found to the right of your latest matches.

FindSeniorsOnly The Search:

To begin a basic search, locate the basic search box on the right side of your user dashboard. Here, you’ll have search parameters for age, location, with photos, and online now. You can also change the gender you’re searching for if you desire. Basic searches might return too many results. For a targeted search, click the ‘Search’ link at the top of your dashboard.

You’ll be redirected to the Advanced Search, which allows you to add multiple parameters including appearance, background, values, lifestyle, and interests. Background and Values parameters provide the best results for faith, political views, and education. Remember to only select a few additional search parameters at a time since choosing too many can hinder your search results.

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